Monday-Thursday @ 8:15 AM-4:00 PM


"Grand View Christian Academy offers a structured environment that allows its students to not only succeed, but to thrive!"


Grand View Christian Academy uses ABeka curriculum  as well as Bob Jones for the 7th thru 12th grades.


Bible Instruction

Bible Instruction is given daily during class time and during our weekly chapel service. Prayer, memorization, and a personal faith and walk in Jesus Christ are stressed. Bible is a graded subject just as math and reading.

**Only the King James Version of the Bible is used for instruction and memorization.


Grading Scale

97-100 A+   77-79 C+

94-96 A       74-76 C

90-93 A-      70-73 C-

87-89 B+     67-69 D+

84-86 B       64-66 D

80-83 B-      60-63 D-



Kindergarten Graduation

Each year as part of our Awards Night, we recognize those completing the Kindergarten Program.

High School Graduation

Upon the completion and passing grade earned in the required 26 credits of GVCA, High School students may participate in graduation exercises and receive a High School Diploma. In order for a student to march in graduation, all work must be completed and fees paid prior to the graduation ceremony.


Honor Roll

Students have the opportunity to qualify for Academic Honor Roll each semester. The following requirements must be met:

Pastors Honor Roll: As in all academic classes

Principals Honor Roll: As and Bs in all academic classes

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